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About Us

Radio Global Germany is a very international online radio station with a very special blend of music. The latter consists of Funk, Soul, Jazz and mostly Brazilian World Music. What we are offering is a unique and uplifting sound made of high quality tunes.

We are transmitting from the heart of Berlin. And yes, Radio Global Germany does include editorial content from Germany in its program.

There is another aspect that definitely makes Radio Global Germany unique: We are trilingual. While our show ‘Berlin City of Cities’ is about reports in English and German, our music shows are being presented in three languages, namely English, German and Spanish. There is no other radio station in the world with this kind of approach.

So, what does all of this mean? You are listening to a trilingual ‘Real Music’ station with reports from Berlin, the city of cities. Thank you!

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Contact Info

12345 North Main Street,
New York, NY 555555

Phone: 1.800.123.4567
Email: info@betterstudio.com
Web: betterstudio.com